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What people are saying about Orbox

"...If you're looking for a game to play where you can just turn off your brain and relax, I'm afraid this isn't it. But if you're looking for a game that has a number of well-designed levels, scaling difficulty.. ..this is the game for you. If you played the original, Orbox retains the same simplicity and charm. It's quick, easy to learn, and browser-based. In addition, the sequel has improved the graphics and the quality of the puzzles. Give it a try." - jayisgames.com

wow, shocked me! - someone from newgrounds.com

"Orbox is a puzzle, but it's one with a very frenetic pace. Each level is composed of a "field" of blocks that are carefully arranged. You control a single block and the object is to get it to the exit. Here's the tricky part: once your block starts moving, it won't stop unless it hits something. And if it falls off the board, you lose. When you do hit another block, you stop -- and then it's time to figure out your next move. Which block should you hit now?... - downloadsquad.switched.com

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